2020 Democratic Primary Candidates – 14th Ward PGH

First Name

Last Name



Mike Doyle US House of Representatives PA District 18
Janis Brooks * US House of Representatives PA District 18
Gerald S. Dickinson US House of Representatives PA District 18
Josh Shapiro Attorney General
Michael Lamb PA Auditor General
Nina Amed PA Auditor General
Tracie Fountain PA Auditor General
Christina Hartman PA Auditor General
Scott Conklin PA Auditor General
Rose Marie Davis PA Auditor General
 Joseph Torsella PA Treasurer
Jay Costa, Jr PA Senate 43rd District
Bill Brittain PA Senate 44th District
Dan Frankel PA House 23rd District
Ed Gainey PA House 24th District
William Anderson * PA House 24th District
Summer Lee PA House 34th District
Chris Roland PA House 34th District
  * Withdrew, disqualified, or did not make ballot CANDIDATE FORUM VIDEOS

NOTE: All of these offices have jurisdiction in the 14th Ward. They not be entirely in the 14th Ward, as obviously state offices and legislative district do. PGH 14 WIDC members may vote to endorse for all of these offices, regardless of residence.

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