Fall 2022

City Council District 5 Candidate and Issues Forum October 1 from 6-8 PM

The Pittsburgh 14th Ward Independent Democratic Club is allied with but independent of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee and the 14th Ward Democratic Committee. Lately – like the past 30 years or so – the Committee has been a progressive group within the – let’s say less progressive – Allegheny County Democratic Committee, but with new leadership in the ACDC that will be changing and we’ll be a part of dynamic regional team! Many Club members are 14th Ward Committee members, and Club members on the Committee probably enjoy making waves more than the average Committee member. The Club is driven to make that extra push for supporting progressive leaders up front, advocating for good government, and seeing how those can lead us to a better 14th Ward, a stronger Pittsburgh, and greater democracy throughout Pennsylvania and the nation.

We are guided by – and are consistently reminding the Democratic Party establishment of – the traditional Democratic values of:

  • Equity for everyone,
  • Environmental and economic justice,
  • Open, transparent, and efficient government, and
  • Racial, gender, and generational equality.

Anyone committed to democratic values and are registered Democrats in Pittsburgh’s 14th Ward can join and vote in our annual endorsement election, which gives a good boost to the candidates we do endorse. If you’re not a 14th Ward registered Democrat, we’ll be glad to have you as an Associate, non-voting member. Thanks for your interest and support!




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