PGH 14 WIDC Endorsements

2023 Primary Endorsements – 2 April 2023:


PA Supreme Court: Debbie Kunselman

PA Superior Court: Jill Beck and Tamika Lane

PA Commonwealth Court: Bryan Neft

Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas: Patrick Sweeney

District Magistrate 5-2-35 (14th and 7th Wards): Dan Butler

Allegheny County Executive: Sara Innamorato

Allegheny County Controller: Corey O’Connor

Allegheny County District Attorney: Matt Dugan

Allegheny County Treasurer: Erica Rocchi Brusselars

Allegheny County Council – At-Large: Bethany Hallam

Allegheny County Council – District 11: Paul Klein

City of Pittsburgh Controller: Tracy Royston

Pittsburgh City Council – District 5: Barbara Warwick

Pittsburgh City Council – District 9: Khari Mosley

Pittsburgh School Board – District 4: Yael Silk

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Check back for our 2023 Primary Election Voters Guide after the Endorsement Forum.

Members in good standing: be sure to vote on April 2nd! What’s “good standing”?

ALL: the public is welcome to attend the April 2 Candidate Forum.

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MEMBERS! The Endorsement  Elections are online now. We need to have your email address to send you access to the ballot for each endorsement vote. Make sure we have your email, and if you have a household membership, we need an email address for every voting member of your household. Give it to us here

The 14th Ward Independent Democratic Club uses Preferential Voting.

The Club uses Preferential Voting (sometimes referred to as “Instant Runoff” or “Ranked Choice” voting) to endorse candidates for offices in which one person will be chosen for endorsement. Members voting in the annual endorsement meeting are asked to rank candidates in their preferred order (1, 2, 3, etc.). Candidates must receive a minimum of 40% of the ballots cast in their race to receive the Club’s endorsement. Usually a candidate is endorsed with the first-place votes.

In cases where no candidate receives 40% of the first-place votes, the candidate receiving the fewest first place votes is eliminated from consideration for endorsement. The eliminated candidate’s ballots are then recounted. The eliminated candidate’s 2nd-choice votes are then redistributed to the remaining candidates according to the voters’ second choices, and those 2nd place votes are added to the remaining candidates’ first place votes. If no candidate reaches the 40% threshold after the second count, the candidate with the lowest total in that count is eliminated and her/his ballots are redistributed to the remaining candidates according to the voters’ highest choice among the remaining candidates.