Get Involved

Want to become more politically involved? Interested in learning more about the issues important to you? You can be involved for a few hours a year to going all in. HERE are some suggestions:

Donating to candidates’ campaigns:

How to give money to Democratic candidates and especially our endorsed Democratic Candidates:

  • Learn about likely competitive races locally and across the country where your money and time has the most impact.
  • You can often make more of an impact on local and State races. REMEMBER: local sets the tone for state and national!
  • Early donations can make the most impact.  Think “EMILY” (from Emily’s List): “Early Money Is Like Yeast”
  • Consider giving money to General Election candidates as soon as it is clear who they will be.

Giving money to groups helping multiple candidates:

  • Democratic Party such as PA DEMS, or the Democratic House and Senate Campaign Committees
  • Groups supporting progressive candidates such as Act Blue, Swing Left, Ascend, or Unite For PA
  • Issue advocacy groups such as environmental, gun control, women’s health, civil rights, etc.

Donating your precious and very impactful time:

Volunteer  opportunities:

  • Candidates who are in important competitive races with progressive stands on issues need your help!
  • Consider volunteering for local candidates including those in the region within driving distance and possibly making phone calls or sending postcards to candidates anywhere.
  • If you have the time and experience, some  candidates need paid staff for a temporary period

Types of campaign work you can do:

  • Door Knocking With Friends
  • Making Phone Calls
  • Sending personal letters/post cards. You can do this from common places or  the comfort and safety of you home.
  • Providing help with computer/administrative work.
  • Campaign strategizing including providing research, expertise on campaign issues and voters.
  • Just telling your friends about the candidates, important issues, and the election schedule.
  • Making sure people are registered to vote!

Information Resources:

Join us at our next 14WIDC event – we love to have Club members and members of the community come to our events!

Join our 14WIDC Facebook Group where we post the latest information about area political events, topics of interest and frequent updates regarding the news of the day.

Follow our Facebook Page… more current information on elections, organizing, and events.

Contact us. We’ll be glad to help you get involved.

Donate to the PGH 14 WIDC.

ALL Allegheny County voting districts are HERE.

14th WARD voting district MAP.

Contact your Representatives. They all have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, email-distribution lists and newsletters that you can join or follow through their websites to stay up to date on their activities and communications.

Run for Office! We need more people who are willing to serve and are interested in making a difference. Check out these resources to learn more.

Serve the public on a local board, authority or commission. Open positions are available at the City and County levels.

You can use this tool to help a friend find ALL of their representatives in government

Join the Pittsburgh 14th Ward Independent Democratic Club!

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