General Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Polls are open 7am-8pm.

Anyone in line at 8:00pm will be allowed to vote.


1) Mail-in Ballots (new!)

  • Mail-in and absentee ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day in order to be counted.
  • You may NOT drop off a marked/voted ballot at the polling place on Nov. 3.
  • Mail-in and absentee ballots can be dropped off at the Elections Office (address below). IMPORTANT NOTE:  Voters may only drop off their own ballots.

How to complete a mail-in ballot in 3 easy steps:

    1. Mark your ballot, carefully following all of the instructions.
    2. There are 2 envelopes and you must use both: place your ballot in the secrecy inner envelope (#1) and then put the secrecy envelope into the official outer envelope (#2). Be sure to sign the declaration, or your ballot may not count.
    3. Return your ballot so it arrives at the county election office on time.

Voting by mail is an easy, convenient and secure way to cast your ballot. Apply by 5:00 p.m. on October 27, and return your ballot by 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 3.

2) Early Voting before Nov. 3 (new!)

  • You can vote early in person or if you received a mail-in ballot you can bring it with you and put it in a drop box at the following locations and times. IMPORTANT NOTE:  Voters may only drop off their own ballots.
    1. CCAC Homewood, 701 N. Homewood Ave
      • Saturday Oct. 10 9am-5pm
      • Sunday Oct. 11 11am-7pm
    2. Hill District Shop n’ Save, 1850 Centre Ave
      • Saturday Oct. 17th 9am-5pm
      • Sunday Oct. 18th 11am-7pm
    3. CCAC Allegheny, 808 Ridge Road, Northside
      • Saturday Oct. 24 9am-5pm
      • Sunday Oct. 25 11am-7pm
    4. County Election Office, 542 Forbes Ave, Downtown
      • All Saturdays beginning Oct. 10 9am-5pm
      • All Sundays beginning Oct. 11 11am-7pm

3) Election Day Voting Nov. 3 (all polls will be open)

  • Check if you’re registered to vote, and that all of your information is correct. Need to change something? You must do so no later than 15 days before the election.
  • Visit the polling place locator to find where you will go to vote, and get directions to your polling place.
  • COVID-19 Mitigation Measures will be in place on Election Day. Voters are asked to wear a face covering, observe physical distancing and to be cognizant of others around you.
  • First-time voters – including individuals are are voting for the first-time at the polling place, will be asked to show an approved form of identification.

Changed Your Mind About How to Vote? 

This is not recommended due to the confusion this could cause and/or someone contesting your ballot, but if you absolutely must, then you have two options:

  • Take your unmarked/blank ballot, declaration envelope and all other materials received to your polling place. Let the poll workers know that you want to “spoil” your ballot so that you can vote in-person. You will need to turn over the ballot and materials to the poll workers who will note them as spoiled and place them in an envelope to be returned to Elections. Once done, you will sign in and be processed the same as any other voter.
  • If you did not receive your ballot or cannot find it, you can still go to your polling place, but you will have to cast a provisional ballot. Once voted, you will return your ballot to the poll workers who will secure it in an envelope and note the reason that you were asked to cast a provisional ballot. Your vote will not be counted on election day but will instead be returned to Elections and reviewed as part of the Return Board process. Once the board verifies that you cast no other vote in this election, the ballot will be opened, counted and added to the overall vote count.

Allegheny County Election Office:

Allegheny County Elections Division
542 Forbes Ave., Suite 604
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-2953
(412) 350-4500

Step-By-Step Vote by Mail Info:

Our 2020 Primary Endorsements:

U.S. House of Representatives District 18: Mike Doyle

PA Attorney General: Josh Shapiro

PA Auditor General: Michael Lamb

PA Treasurer: Joseph Torsella

PA Senate District 43: Jay Costa, Jr.

PA House District 23: Dan Frankel

PA House District 24: Ed Gainey

PA House District 34: Summer Lee

Review the 2020 Primary Election Voters’ Guide here.

Couldn’t connect for the Candidate Forum on March 29, 2020? Here are the candidate videos.

 Our 2019 Primary Endorsements:

Pennsylvania Superior Court: Amanda Green Hawkins
Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas: Mary McGinley
Allegheny County Council At-Large: Bethany Hallam
Allegheny County Council District 11: Paul Klein
Allegheny County Executive: Rich Fitzgerald
Allegheny County District Attorney: Turahn Jenkins
Allegheny County Controller: Chelsa Wagner
Allegheny County Treasurer: John Weinstein
City of Pittsburgh Controller: Michael Lamb
City of Pittsburgh Council District 5: Corey O’Connor
City of Pittsburgh Council District 9: Cherylie Fuller
Pittsburgh Board of Public Education District 4: Pam Harbin

Review the 2019 Primary Election Voters’ Guide here.