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If you are a registered Democrat in the 14th Ward of Pittsburgh, you’re eligible to join the club as a voting member. Our annual meeting gives members and the public an opportunity to engage with future candidates and elected officials on issues of the day. Members can vote for Board members and officers.  Our endorsement meeting gives members the opportunity to vote in the endorsements, and gives members and the public at large the opportunity to engage with candidates and fellow members to discuss positions and qualifications for all offices in the running. Join or renew today!

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Where’s the 14th Ward? What voting district are you in? Here’s a map.

More about our endorsement process:  The 14th Ward Independent Democratic Club holds an Endorsement Meeting before the PA Primary where we invite all Democratic Candidates for offices on the Primary Ballot to speak and answer questions. Then all members in good standing vote to determine which candidates the Club will endorse. In 2020 we switched to a virtual meeting and it was extremely successful. We had very good member participation and almost 100% of candidates for the various offices participated.

We publish our endorsements in the PGH 14WIDC Voter Guide that is mailed to most Democratic households in the 14th Ward. There are 32,629 voters in the 14th Ward. Voters here in the 14th Ward value the Voter Guide to help them make well informed decisions in low information races – especially judicial elections.

Because there are so many candidates for the Court of Common Pleas, our Endorsement meeting will be held on two days: Saturday March 20th and Sunday the 21st, 2021.A registration link for the online forum will be posted here soon.

We have moved up the date of our endorsement meeting so that we can get our voter guide to Democratic voters about the time that vote-by-mail ballots will be sent out by the County Election Department.

We look forward to all democratic candidates’ participation. We reach out to invite candidates once they have filed their petitions. All filed candidates are automatically put on our endorsement ballot.