2021 Voting Information



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This year’s Spring Primary affords us a unique opportunity: the ability to respond to the stark reality of social and racial injustice with our vote. With the candidates for Mayor, City Council, School Board, County Sheriff, Magisterial District Judge, and Common Pleas and Appellate Courts all on the ballot, it is time to view this election through the lens of Justice.

The Barbara Daly Danko Political Forum this year will be devoted to exactly that. Discussion will include ending cash bail, electing anti-racist judges, police and public safety, and protecting our vote.

Members are creating a video high-lighting “Activities in the 14th Ward that Bend the Arc Towards Justice.”

Speakers will include David Harris and Jerry Dickinson of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law; and Jam Hammond of the City of Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations.

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You have three basic options: vote early, vote in-person or vote by mail.

1. Vote Early: You can vote early in person or if you received a mail-in ballot you can bring it with you and put it in a drop box at the locations and times listed on our Current Elections page.

2. Vote In Person: If you’re comfortable voting in person, plan to do that. Decide now when you’ll head to the polls on Tuesday, May 18 and create an event in your phone’s calendar. For example: “VOTE!! on May 18th @ 8-9 am.” Then convince a friend to go with you, grab a mask on your way out the door, and make your voice heard! For information on what to expect at your polling station and the location of your polling station, click here

3. Vote By Mail: Applications may be completed online. Or, in the alternative, you can download and complete an absentee ballot application and mail it to the Elections Office (604 County Office Building, 542 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh 15219). Your application must be RECEIVED by 5 PM on May 11, 2021 to vote in the primary election.

Note: When your mail-in ballot arrives, fill it out and drop it in the mail as soon as possible. If you wait until the week of the election, your ballot may not arrive in time to be counted.


  • Not sure if you’re registered at your current Pennsylvania address? Check your voter registration status here.
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  • Changed your mind and decided to vote in person (so your vote will be counted on election day, for example)? If so, remember to take your mail-in ballot with you, and give it to the poll-workers before you vote!
  • Wondering where your ballot is? Click here.
  • What are the important election dates? Click here.