14WIDC Events

Two events in April!

First: Saturday, April 21 7:00-10:00pm at the Schenley Park Ice Rink Lodge

PGH Young Comics to entertain at the Club’s Annual Fundraiser!

Join the 14WIDC Board, Members, Political Candidates, Pittsburgh Glitterati and the terrific PGH Young Comics for an evening of fun, frolic and food! There will be a silent auction with plenty of political memorabilia too, so bid early and often. The money we raise will help us print and mail those all-important yellow voters guides, sent to all registered Democrats in the 14th Ward.

Tickets are $25 in advance (click here!) or $30 at the door.

Sponsorships available for $100-$500 (click here!). Or sponsor us online:

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Next: Sunday, April 22 Noon-3:00pm at the Schenley Park Ice Rink Lodge

The 2018 Pittsburgh 14WIDC Endorsement Election!

All voting-eligible Club members are strongly encouraged to join us as we hear from the Democratic candidates and vote for the Club’s 2018 endorsements. Candidates who are endorsed by the 14WIDC will be printed in the annual voters guide, which is mailed out prior to the Primary Election on May 15.


Hear Yourself Think Training Workshop

September 2018 (date TBD)

Everyone has experienced the frustration of speaking with or listening to someone with extreme views, often in conflict with their own interests as a working person. The HearYourselfThink Project provides an antidote against the harmful effects that fake news, propaganda and misinformation have on our democracy. HearYourselfThink works to make reason – not fear, cynicism or rage – the loudest voice in the room.

How can we restore reason, truth, and civility to our national discourse? How do we stop partisan tribalism from poisoning our politics and derailing our democracy? HearYourselfThink offers insights and strategies from our years’ of experience. This workshop can help anyone – from people who want to make family gatherings less divisive to experienced organizers – be better equipped to handle these situations.

The 14WIDC is sponsoring a training session for members and anyone interested in attending. We’ll walk out with a simple, 3-step mode of conversation that breaks down walls of polarization and distrust, gets people thinking critically about context and media influence, and begins to rebuild the civic connections that have been strained by decades of toxic, fear-based media and political polarization.

A donation of $25 is suggested to help cover our costs.