Voting and Citizenship Resources

Voter Registration

VOTES PA is the online resource for all things related to voting in Pennsylvania.

You can:

Check your registration status

Register to vote

Update your registration

Find your polling place

Apply for an absentee ballot

Contact your local election office

Allegheny County Elections & Voter Registration

Mark Wolosik, Division Manager, Allegheny County Elections

Contact: (412) 350-4500  or  542 Forbes Ave., Suite 604 Pittsburgh PA 15219-2953

Get help regarding:

Polling places

When and where elections will be held

Confirm voter registration

How to register

Absentee voting

About Pennsylvania’s Judiciary

BROCHURE: A Citizen’s Guide to The Judicial Branch, Pennsylvania’s Unified Judicial System. This brochure describes the different courts and the roles of each court in Pennsylvania.

WEBSITE: The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania. The website of the Unified Judicial System includes an excellent interactive description of the courts.

FLOW CHART: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Unified Judicial System. This flow chart depicts how cases move through the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania, from Magisterial District Courts all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.