Voting and Citizenship Resources

Voter Registration

VOTES PA is the online resource for all things related to voting in Pennsylvania.

You can:

Check your registration status

Register to vote

Update your registration

Find your polling place

Apply for an absentee ballot

Contact your local election office

Allegheny County Elections & Voter Registration

Mark Wolosik, Division Manager, Allegheny County Elections

Contact: (412) 350-4500  or  542 Forbes Ave., Suite 604 Pittsburgh PA 15219-2953

Get help regarding:

Polling places

When and where elections will be held

Confirm voter registration

How to register

Absentee voting

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, Oct 10       Last day to REGISTER before the November election
  • Tuesday, Oct 31       Last day to apply for ABSENTEE ballot
  • Friday, Nov 3            Last day for Board of Elections to receive ABSENTEE ballots
  • Tuesday, Nov 7        ELECTION DAY

Democratic Party Links

Pittsburgh Ward 14 Democratic Committee

The Democratic Committee of Pittsburgh’s 14th Ward (this is the official political committee – not the 14WIDC) meets every month at Sixth Presbyterian Church in Squirrel Hill. Sam Hens-Greco is the Chair of the 14th Ward Committee and can be reached at: Your 14th Ward Democratic Committee members can be found here.

Allegheny County Democratic Committee

The Democratic Committee of Allegheny County works in communities, government, and local organizations to build support for our candidates and the Democratic Agenda to benefit all American families. Nancy Patton Mills is the Chair of the Allegheny County Committee. The County Committee can be reached through this email webform or by telephone at (412) 481-5646. Your Allegheny County Democratic Committee members can be found here.

Pennsylvania Democratic Party

New and improved! The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is dedicated to electing public servants and to fighting for the Democratic Ideal that, in America, everyone has a right to go as far as their natural abilities and perseverance will take them. Marcel Groen is the Chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. The PA Democratic Party can be reached through this email webform or by telephone at (717) 920-8470.

About Pennsylvania’s Judiciary

BROCHURE: A Citizen’s Guide to The Judicial Branch, Pennsylvania’s Unified Judicial System. This brochure describes the different courts and the roles of each court in Pennsylvania.

WEBSITE: The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania. The website of the Unified Judicial System includes an excellent interactive description of the courts.

FLOW CHART: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Unified Judicial System. This flow chart depicts how cases move through the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania, from Magisterial District Courts all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.